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Tim Hopkin, Founder, The Land App

The current state of environmental markets in the UK is complex; multiple routes toward similar outcomes risk creating inertia rather than progress. The GFI Toolkit is therefore an invaluable resource for those seeking to navigate this complexity, and we consider it essential for those looking to engage with nature finance projects.

Andy Creak, Founding Investor, Kana Earth

With so many new codes, methodologies and standards emerging, natural capital can be a daunting strategy for any landowner. The Investment Readiness Toolkit provides a step by step guide through the challenges and a comprehensive blueprint for making it happen. Great job by the GFI Nature Team

Neha Pawar, Environmental Economist, Bristol Avon Rivers Trust

The Investment Readiness toolkit has been a useful resource for us in providing practical guidance, checklist, and case studies in navigating the complex world of green finance. The step by step process helped us to identify and address key challenges, and the case studies provided ideas for our project. The toolkit is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate investments in green projects.

Sarah Brownlie, Head of Development, Kent Wildlife Trust

The Green Finance Space is rapidly evolving and can be daunting. THE GFI toolkit offers a comprehensive and dynamic reference of the fundamental steps required to develop your project or market infrastructure initiative, continuously updated by those at the forefront of green finance and who are best positioned to guide on latest developments. It’s an excellent example of accessible, accumulated learning and best practice.

Sarah Jane Chimbwandira, Chief Executive Officer, Surrey Wildlife Trust

The Investment Readiness Toolkit is extremely helpful in providing a clear, accessible process to follow when developing any project for investment opportunities.  Whether you are fairly knowledgeable and experienced in natural capital investment or at the start of your journey in this area – the Toolkit provides a useful framework and makes what can seem a daunting task much simpler.

Sam Hanks, Wilder Landscapes Manager, Suffolk Wildlife Trust

As a pilot Landscape Recovery Project, it was important for us to locate the tools necessary to help plan our journey in the earliest phases of our project. After seeing what the GFI toolkit has to offer, it was quickly apparent that few resources are as clear and iterative in their advice, from both a detail and checklist approach. We plan to use the toolkit to help guide us through the set-up for the project through to its hopefully delivery stages over the next few years.

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